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This page provides links to great resources, talks and guidance for weddings, baptisms and how to explore faith. Read on...


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Each week our livestreamed service from Padstow is recorded and is available on our YouTube channel.
If you missed a talk or want to listen again, just follow the link below


Beach Fun

We regularly hold community and music events. The Church Hall is also available for bookings. If you are interested or want to know more, please get in touch.



Giving to the life and ministry of the church is a joy! We encourage all our members to give in a planned way. For more information please visit our GIVING PAGE.

If you would like to leave a legacy for the ministry of the church please contacts us.


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Prayer takes many forms but it is always a dialogue with God.

Like a good conversation it involves listening!


Jesus prayed regularly, so do we.

Why not join us?!


Daily Prayer App (Church of England)

365 Daily Devotions (24-7 Prayer)

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Jesus is described as the Word. The Old Testament points to Him and the New Testament speaks of Him. As we open the Bible (God's words), we are drawn closer to God: enlivened, blessed and reassured.

During our services we open the word of God and seek to be transformed by Him. We also seek to encourage each other by opening the word of God together.


FREE Gospels are available in church.

FREE Bible App (YouVersion)

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The purpose of the church is to give glory to God. There are many forms of worship but only one way- with all of our hearts.

We want to be a whole-hearted church. Just as God has done everything to have a relationship with us, we also want to respond with praise that glorifies God, builds others up and draws us closer.

We worship a triune God and he has given us the Spirit to help us praise Him.

​"God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth." - John 4.24


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Starting married life together in the presence of God and making life-long commitments is a God-given gift. We want you to be prepared for marriage (not just the big day!).

We encourage all those looking to be married to have an initial conversation with our Rector and commit to several marriage preparation sessions.

All of our churches are perfect for your big day. For more information please contact our office.

Please also visit this site

"Let marriage be held in honor among all."

Heb 13.4

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Baptism is an outward expression of a person's decision to follow Jesus and is a commitment to a new life. It is for people of all ages and backgrounds.

This is signified by being immersed in water and emerging (rising up) anew. This follows an unbroken symbol of faith that goes back to Jesus and all his followers.

Child Baptism is the moment when the church and family make a commitment to help raise and support the child as they enter the church.

Baptisms have always been public events and a moment of great celebration!  Therefore, they always take place during a service.

If you would like to explore baptism, please get in touch.

One Lord, one faith, one baptism.

- Ephesians 4.5

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Thanksgiving Services are a moment of celebration and dedication. Often it is the private celebration of a birth or adoption, at home or in church with only family and close friends present. It can also take place during a Sunday service.

It is designed to meet the needs of:

Parents who see this as step towards to Baptism; or, parents who do not ask for Baptism, but recognize that something has happened for which they wish to give thanks to God.

To find out more, contact the church office.

Exploring Faith

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